Why Did We Form olulo?

olulo was formed in response to the rise of digital technology and increased competition in implant dentistry. We provide oral surgeons with the necessary tools and techniques to thrive in this new landscape.

We Are Seeing Changes In Implant Dentistry
olulo observes GPs are disrupting the traditional "teeth-and-titanium" business model of private oral surgery. Because digital technology has enabled GPs to perform implant treatment with high efficiency and accuracy at a significantly lower cost, oral surgeons are precipitously losing their referred patients from GPs. If oral surgeons want to react effectively to the changes in the new era of implant dentistry, implementing digital transformation and disrupting the status quo is imperative.

Where Did We Come From?
olulo consulting has been built upon the strengths and resources of the American Institute of Implant Dentistry (AIID), a Washington, DC based think tank focused on shaping and elevating the conversation surrounding the future of implant dentistry. We are using open innovation and knowledge brokering in implant dentistry to introduce new digital methodologies custom-tailored to oral surgeons.

What We Do

We Are Transforming The Digital Journey Of Oral Surgeons


Digital Strategy

Our Vision

We help oral surgeons leverage digital technology to compete in the new era of implant dentistry. Oral surgeons should reimagine how to maximize profitability, productivity, and competitiveness in the digital age of implant dentistry.
Our Value

Our creative, clinical, technological, and business expertise allow us to balance the dynamics between clinical practice and digital operation. We help oral surgeons have a smooth transition from their traditional practice to a robust digital operation.

Referral Engagement Solutions

Our Vision

Successful implementation of digital transformation in an oral surgery practice will not only lead to chairside time reduction for referring general dentists, but will also reduce prosthetic overhead.
Our Value

Our digital solutions incentivize referring dentists and patients to connect with an oral surgery practice's digital ecosystem by creating value for patients, referring dentists, and all other stakeholders in the digital ecosystem.

How We Do It

We Empower Oral Surgeons And Their Staff To Achieve Successful Digital Transformation.

At olulo, we follow a 4 step process that combines the knowledge of our in-house, world-renowned dental implant experts with next generation technologies.

We work alongside oral surgeons to build dentist-engaged and patient-centric digital strategies that increase revenue and increase their valuable implant referral sources.

GPs referring to an oral surgery practice empowered by olulo digital strategies will have a higher revenue potential compared to performing their own implant surgeries.

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Services We offer


Digital strategy consultation

Every oral surgery practice is different, and we understand the fact that the status quo “one size fits all” approach is not effective. Our experts work closely with you to assess your team’s digital IQ and skills gap. As we begin to understand the digital capabilities of your team, we provide insight into whether—and how—digital transformation will benefit your practice.

  • Determine if digital transformation fits your practice and business model
  • Discuss benefits of digital transformation
  • Can be done virtually or onsite

Digital due diligence and portfolio assessment

At olulo, we understand that successful digital transformation requires investment. We analyze all aspects of your practice operations including digital assets, IT infrastructure, and daily operations to anticipate possible barriers to transformation. We strategize techniques to minimize risk, avoid disruption to patient services and maximize operational and financial benefits.

  • Disintermediation risk
  • Evaluation of digital, IT, and data assets
  • Analysis of operational impact
  • Identification of possible data security risks

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a complex, rapidly evolving process. To ensure successful implementation, practices must incorporate, adapt, and manage several new technologies simultaneously. At olulo, we manage this process across a variety of digital needs, and provide the necessary support to empower surgeons and the staff to meet their digital goals.

  • Dedicated digital success manager
  • Tailormade digital project management roadmap
  • Successful implementation of digital strategy

Training and coaching

At olulo, we know that technology is constantly evolving, and that digital transformation is not a static process. We offer training services to digitally integrated oral surgery offices that are looking to revamp their current setup, hire new staff, or otherwise need a digital refresher. We believe that an educated team is a successful team. Digital transformation requires all members of an oral surgery team understand the functionality and benefits of a digital ecosystem.

  • Updating digital strategy
  • Refresher sessions for oral surgeons and existing staff
  • Comprehensive training for new staff
  • Incorporation of new technologies


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